If we told you that 68% of customers will switch to a different product or brand in response to in-store display marketing and that only 5% have brand loyalty when purchasing in-store, what would you want to do? Get your product noticed, of course – and we’ve got the perfect product to do exactly that!

What’s a Shelfie?

Shelfies are a huge, 3D replica of your product with bespoke internal shelving to suit any size and weight of a product. You can literally display your product inside a huge, blown-up version of the product itself! They immediately catch the eye of passers-by, causing impulse purchasing, raising brand awareness and ultimately, enabling you to sell more products.

Shelfies raise the bar above any other FSDU available on the market. And don’t worry – shelfies don’t trade in style for substance – they provide both! The units are bright, fun, eye-catching, and look exactly like the real thing, yet still, offer all the benefits of a traditional FSDU. They’re just as strong and can hold as much as traditional cardboard merchandising units.


Shelfie Inrbru Display


How they’re made

The process of building a Shelfie starts with a single 2D image of your product – yep, that’s all we need! The StackaWraps team then use specialist software to produce a 3D image and frame model of your product, complete with shelving.

Shelfies are then flat packed into compact boxes with numbered parts and a simple set of easy to follow instructions. From there, they are extremely easy to assemble. Shelfies last a long time. They’re strong, robust and can quickly be rebranded in the future by removing the old stretch fabric wrap and zipping over a new one.


Shelfie Lakeland Display


 Why Shelfies?

  • Customised 3D merchandising units which are robust and designed to last.
  • High impact marketing, semi-perm stock holding which will make products stand out.
  • Easily refreshed and rebranded as often as needed.
  • Unique, patented system well above flimsy alternatives like corrugated cardboard.
  • Global brands such as Red Bull, Schwartz, Boss, Pepsi and Heineken among others have used Shelfies to maximise the impact of store space and generate sales

Shelfies are maximum impact, stunning POS shelving which is likely to increase sales, making them a fantastic investment. Get in touch with NEC Graph-fix today for a free mini sample pack or to chat more about Shelfies and how they could benefit your business.