We are proud to be exclusively partnered with StackaWraps as their UK manufacturer and marketing partner. Using 3D cutting and dye-sublimation, we’re able to create 3D models of a range of products and different designs.

This ground-breaking system is leading the way in brand display for the retail marketplace, an area NEC Graph-fix specialise in. StackaWraps systems offer our clients custom design; they’re portable and easy to assemble (made merely from stretch fabric and a frame) and most importantly, are visually stunning.

Using a single photo, we can create an exact 3D replica of a product, which can be used for either semi or permanent display. Brands including Coca-Cola, Heineken, Skittles, Hugo Boss and even BAFTA have already been using StackaWraps to revolutionise their presence in-store and at events, making them stand out in a densely crowded marketplace.

Shelfie products, an enhanced version of the original StackaWraps systems, can be manufactured to suit the weight and size of your product and provide all the features and benefits of a standard FSDU. Using the StackaWraps system, the Shelfie is much like it’s original counterpart, but with handy presentation shelving and product display engineering inside. A functional, and fantastically creative way to display, that’s designed to last, flat packed for distribution and easy to assemble. Read more about our exclusive licensing deal in this article from Print Week!

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