As part of our exclusive partnership with StackaWraps, we’re leading the way in brand display with innovative Shelfies. These striking display units are guaranteed to make a bigger and better impact on the shop floor than our client’s competitors.

Functional yet creative, Shelfies hold all the benefits of a traditional merchandising unit. They’re just as strong and can hold as much product as other FSDU’s – while also being able to stand out from the crowd and create a powerful impact in busy retail, exhibition or event environments.

Shelfies can be designed using a single photo of a product to create an exact 3D replica on quality HD fabric with handy shelving and product display engineering inside. Shelfies can be opened at the front, sides, back or both and are fully customizable. The units are high-quality, built to last, and we’re able to flat pack them for distribution.

If our clients wish to rebrand their Shelfie, it’s easy to do so – we simply zip over a new stretch fabric wrap over the initial frame. This can be done, again and again, making Shelfies a fantastic investment.

For particularly heavy products or cases, we offer Stackapacks. This version wraps around multi-packs of products, which are stacked on the floor – solving the weight issue of heavier products while dramatically increasing impulse sales.

Just imagine a huge, photo-realistic 3D model fully packed with products. Shelfies are the ultimate in retail display, providing disruptive branding 24/7.

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