NEC Graph-fix is proud to be a leader in the print innovation market, and the introduction of StackaWraps to our manufacturing portfolio has seen us working on some incredibly exciting projects with nationally and internationally renowned brands.

One of our latest ventures saw us working alongside ingenious product retailer Lakeland, creating a custom display unit to feature in their 75 stores UK wide.

The Client

Founded initially in Windemere, Lakeland began as a ‘cottage industry’ business with owners Alan Rayner and his wife Dorothy providing farmers with polythene bags for packing poultry via mail order from their garage. In 1974, Alan retired, and his three sons took over the business, marking the beginning of Lakeland Plastics, developing their product range and reach.

In 1997 Lakeland Plastics became Lakeland Limited to reflect it’s changing product lines and now boasts 75 retail outlets across the UK, featuring around 4000 products in its range, and also producing approximately 18 catalogues per year, which customers can receive via post or pick up in-store.

A brand synonymous with quality, we were delighted when we were approached directly to work on an exciting retail unit for their B’Lure Colour Change Cocktail Concentrate, which magically changes the colour of drinks from blue to purple then pink using three all natural ingredients.


Larger Than Life Retail Display Units for Lakeland

The Project

 Using a single photo of the B’Lure bottle, our studio created a 3D replica wrap to go over existing StackaWraps systems that the client already held, which had featured a prosecco bottle wrap for 14 months previous. The systems are produced using MDF frames, lightweight but durable making them an ideal fit in retail situations; the average weight of a StackaWrap is 3kg, and the self-assembly model means that the client can assemble their units in a matter of minutes with no specialist tooling required.

The design, production and delivery process took three weeks in total; we sent the new wraps out by post once approved by the client and manufactured to order. Upon arrival in-store the client was able to simply unzip their existing wrap from their StackaWraps system, zipping over their new B’Lure wrap with ease.


Larger Than Life Retail Display Units for Lakeland


 A Delighted Customer

The images speak for themselves; bright, colourful, different, unlike anything else in-store! The B’Lure StackaWrap was a hit with Lakeland, and they were incredibly happy with the look and overall result of the project.

Already used by some of the most reputable brands in the world, including Coca-Cola, Baileys, Heineken, BAFTA and Skittles, the only limit to what we can produce is your imagination! From bottles to coffee cups, baguettes and racing cars, we aim to create the most imaginative and captivating displays for our clients, using this extraordinary and unique system.


Larger Than Life Retail Display Units for Lakeland


Big brands like this can’t be wrong! StackaWraps are an obvious choice for retailers looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Contact us today to request a mini sample pack or to talk about a specific enquiry.