Helping The Community

The team at NEC Graph-Fix are massively into helping the community out and this month our very own Commercial Director, Paul Robbins, put forth our services for something very special – a pantomime!

For a cold, grey week in February, the village of Great Bowden in Market Harborough held a spectacular theatrical production of Return to Treasure Island and the scenery and backdrops for the set were happily provided by NEC Graph-Fix. Attention to detail was essential for this project, while also remaining stress-free and functional.

positive results

We used our digitally printed fabric for the production’s backdrops which created delightfully realistic imagery! We were also able to create completely bespoke and realistic scenery by using our in-house CAD and production facility for the freestanding scenery on stage – an easy, less time-consuming alternative to painting the set and stage scenery. With vibrant, popping colours, the result was professional and truly magical for all involved. February became downright tropical!

Having the ability to develop and provide high-quality displays for a variety of purposes is very important, and it is what we pride ourselves on. Our skilled in-house design team have the experience and knowledge to ensure positive results every time.

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The country is going through so many changes at the moment, but how do these changes affect the retail industry and businesses in general?

We can agree that we are currently in a time of uncertainty, and this will likely continue for a while. If we keep a positive outlook on things, however, this time can be used by retailers to regroup and maybe even go back to basics. Ask the questions “Why are we important?” “What makes us relevant?” They are tough questions, but during these uncertain times, these questions are incredibly valid.

Retailers may have already started asking themselves these questions in 2019 because of what was on the horizon in 2020. NEC Graph-Fix can already see the evidence of this when comparing our sales from this time last year to now. We are very pleased to say that our sales are up by approximately 25% compared to this time last year.

Consumers want convenience, but how do retailers provide convenience in-store when they are up against substantial online retail presence? At NEC Graph-Fix, we believe that consumers still want to rely on the in-store experience. All consumers want tangibility, to discover something new and to be inspired. If retailers can stay positive and adaptable in these changing times, then consumers will no doubt remain satisfied.

What’s that saying? "With uncertainty comes opportunity”

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