3D Posters

We feel that most businesses aren’t getting the most out of their marketing and branding. In a saturated marketplace and overcrowded stores and events, the ability to amaze shoppers is essential. Visibility is everything.

As the official UK partner of Stackawraps, we’re making boring branding a thing of the past. We’re able to take any image and convert it into a spectacular complete 3D panoramic poster – with an entire section jumping right out at consumers. Sizes vary from 750mm to an impressive 3m in height (back poster size).

For existing posters or clients who want to produce a print themselves, we can produce a handy, bolt-on 3D zone which fits over the front of the poster. All we need is a copy of the poster and a highlight or specification of the area to turn 3D. It’s that easy.

Stackawraps 3D posters give brands the wow-factor and an edge over their competitors. After all, why blend in with all the other posters out there? Our 3D posters make such an impact that we’ve seen customers taking selfies with them and sharing them all over social media – helping to build brand awareness.

Need more information on 3D posters or bolt-on 3D zones?

please contact David Prew on 01922 490900, email david.prew@nec-g.com or complete our enquiry using the link below

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